Dr Samantha Hardy

"‘High impact philanthropy’ is my passion. I coach funders about giving strategically and I help non-profits understand what high impact funders are looking for". 

I founded Sam Hardy Philanthropy to help those who give (money, time, physical resources, expertise, networks) and non-profit leaders increase their impact. I am also a giver myself. I am giving my time and expertise to a number of high impact non-profits and I am committed to re-investing in this project and the non-profit sector.

For givers… I can help you achieve you philanthropy goals. I help you get maximum returns from every dollar you give and I take the administrative pain out of giving. Learn more about how I can assist on my 'for funders' page.

For non-profit leaders… I can help you to understand exactly ‘what funders want’ so you can better demonstrate your impact and so access more funding sooner. Learn more about my What Funders Want Masterclass on my 'for non profits' page.

I have a PhD and I am a trained academic. I have been a ‘think tank’ researcher, a ministerial advisor and a professional fundraiser. I then became the strategic advisor to the Graeme Wood Foundation.

I am committed to sharing my experience and expertise to help you achieve the highest impact possible.


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