I help you create winning funding proposals

Donors love giving to "high impact non-profits" that are making a difference and can prove it. My services help you demonstrate your impact to potential funders. 

Given that so many funders are actively looking for "high impact" investments, you need to demonstrate the impact of your non-profit in all your communications if you want to survive and grow. 

Drawing on my funding experience, I show you how funders think and assess your proposals. My proposal health check gives you rapid access to my expertise at the point when you need it the most. For just $399 I will conduct an initial review of your proposal and provide verbal feedback on how it could be strengthened.

When you need more support, I offer a communications audit of your organisation as it is seen by funders through your website, annual report and other fundraising communications. I will scrutinise your organisation like a funder considering a major gift. I can also deliver a customised version of my what funders want masterclass to your Board, senior managers and fundraising staff.



Funders (or their advisors) often conduct an initial analysis of most of the proposals they receive. They ask a number of initial questions looking for green and red flags. For just $399, I will do the same. My rapid response health check includes a recorded 30min video feedback meeting. Contact me and I will reply with some context questions and meeting times.

"Thank you for the feedback and advice Sam. The meeting went well and I think we have two clear funding opportunities to follow up" National Campaign Director, 2017*



I assess your funding proposals and all your supporting communications collateral as if I were shortlisting your organisation for major investment. I analyse your key proposal documents, your website content and your annual report. I apply a thorough 'due diligence' process, asking the questions that funders (or their advisors) ask themselves when they come across our organisation and when they seriously consider it as a prospect for funding. I present my findings in a detailed report with recommendations on practical actions to enhance your pitch and increase your chances of being shortlisted. Clients use this report to inform their strategic planning and fundraising development activities.

"I have just finished reading through your report – once I started I had to finish it in one go as it was fascinating and so rich in its content and recommendations. It has provided me with much more than I expected and very succinctly formulated strategic options and questions that I had grappled with but not quite been able to articulate myself. It will be a very useful document in particular in my current situation, so thank you for the significant effort you have clearly put into this" Charity CEO, 2015*

Contact me to discuss next steps.



Your team will leave my masterclass with a unique insight into how funders are likely to assess your strategies and capabilities. I share all the due diligence questions that sophisticated funders typically ask and we explore how you can best answer them up front in your fundraising communications. Akin to job interview preparation, my masterclass will significantly increase your chances of suviving funder interrogations of your funding proposals. 

"I really appreciate the effort and experience that has gone into putting this together" Major Gifts Manager, 2015*

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the workshop today. As I am sure you picked up, the attendees really appreciated your depth of knowledge and got a lot out of it. Well done!" Non-profit CEO, 2014*

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* References available on request


In case you are wondering what funders mean by the phrase "high impact non-profit", this diagram nicely sums it up...

The higher impact non-profitThe non-profits making the biggest impact are all pretty good at:

- Working with government and advocating for policy change

- Harnessing market forces and seeing business as a potential powerful partner

- Converting individual supporters into evangelists for their cause

- Building and nurturing networks with other non-profits

- Adapting to the changing environment

- Sharing leadership and empowering others to be forces for good

- Attracting and retaining great people

- Finding sustainable sources of funding

- Investing in their infrastructure and capacity

- Measuring and reporting on their impact

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