I help you get maximum returns from your philanthropic investments

Higher impact giving is the practice of philanthropy with the intention of maximising social good. The prevailing aim is to make the biggest possible difference with every dollar you give, and it is my purpose to do all that I can to help you. Let me explain...

All high impact giving begins with the search for the ‘sweet spot’ between a critical public need and your values and interests. I can coach you through (or undertake) the research that's required.

People who seek to give for high impact, like Bill and Melinda Gates, all hold a personal commitment to making a change in the world and to remaining engaged in the long-term.

Such donors focus on searching for funding opportunities that can make the biggest difference. They ask a number of powerful due diligence questions in their assessments of potential non-profit recipients to better understand their mission. They want to know the intended strategies (or 'theories of change'), the recipient's resources, as well as their past and likely future impact before they give.

I provide you with a powerful due diligence framework and I tailor it to your issue, or cause, area.  

Bill Gates on high impact giving

The resources you might then give – your money, time, your expertise, your networks, or 'in kind' support - are directed towards efforts that are the most likely to bring your desired positive change to fruition. The result might be something like getting more students to graduate from high school on time or ensuring that more children receive malaria treatments in time to save their lives.

I spend time with high impact donors, helping them understand the context of the area in which they wish to give, as well as the goals towards which they should be contributing, prior to making their gift. 

I also help them analyse how much change costs, how success will be measured and, after the gift, whether the change that actually occurred was due to their investment. Evaluation is a vital step that enables funders to keep learning and refining there practice of high impact philanthropy. 

If you are inspired to give for greater impact, let me help you. I offer a couple of ways to access my expertise:


Join my Higher Impact Giving Network 

Member benefits include:

  • Connections with others seeking a greater impact from their giving
  • Direct access to my expertise during online Q+A sessions and group mentoring calls and webinars
  • Opportunities to interact with my overseas network of high impact philanthropy experts
  • Direct engagement with high impact non-profit leaders (anonymously, if you wish)
  • Member discounts on my consulting and one-on-one mentoring services.

Let me ‘live and breathe’ your high impact philanthropy with you.

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Higher Impact Giving Consulting and Mentoring 

I help you with the 'high impact giving' essentials:

  • Cause or issue area selection (finding your ‘sweet spot’)
  • Issue area research (to hone in on the critical issues)
  • Philanthropic strategy (to identify strategic interventions)
  • Non-profit assessment (we are your ‘charity private eye’)
  • Grant management (to drive the outcome you want to see)
  • Impact evaluation (the often missed vital ingredient for long term success)

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